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Ariel Batito
Ariel Batito May 22, 2022
May 22, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About DraftWhite: Dramatically Lower Your 3D Print Cost Per Part.

Let me just cut to the chase: Stratasys’ new DraftWhite 3D print material, developed exclusively for the J5 MediJet PolyJet printer, can significantly lower the cost of single-material applications and bulk color models.

We know that cost per part is a huge consideration for hospitals developing 3D print labs and medical device companies investing in R&D. And DraftWhite is designed to overcome those concerns as an economical way to lower the cost of 3D print parts.

DraftWhite is our new opaque and low-cost 3D print material that can be mixed with J5 MediJet color and biocompatible materials for a wide range of applications. The rigid, white material is targeted for single-material medical applications such as orthopedics or craniomaxillofacial.

DraftWhite can significantly lower the cost of single-material anatomical models and bulk color models by up to 60% compared to legacy printers.

DraftWhite is just one of many innovations that are empowering hospitals and OEMs to reap the benefits of 3D printing. The J5 MediJet is also the only 3D printer that allows clinicians to sterilize color parts,  and use them in the OR safely.

For those who want the details, you can find DraftWhite’s mechanical and thermal properties in the Draft White’s material page.