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Size means productivity: introducing the new J4100 3D printer.

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Gina Scala December 16, 2020
December 16, 2020

As more businesses and industries discover the power of additive manufacturing, 3D printers are evolving to be faster, more accurate and more versatile. You can’t afford to choose between productivity and part quality – you need both, not to mention an efficient workflow. Now, with the J4100™, there’s no need to compromise. It combines a large build volume with excellent accuracy and precision, plus a wider range of materials than other high-volume printers. All this gives you the flexibility you need to optimize operations, save time and get products to market faster. 

More accuracy.

Prototyping products with 3D printing lets you find faults and fix them in the early stages – but only if the prototypes are accurate. That’s why it’s crucial that your 3D printer creates parts that look, perform and feel as close to the real product as possible. The J4100 features the newest generation of printing heads, with 192 nozzles (compared to 96 nozzles on the Objet1000 Plus™). More than double the number of nozzles means improved accuracy and precise 3D prints. 

More throughput.

In comparison with the Objet1000 Plus, the J4100 offers up to 80% faster production. A range of printing modes, including High Speed and Super High Speed, let you choose the best setting for each job and optimize print time. Three material channels mean less time spent swapping out cartridges and more time printing parts, and multi-material capabilities allow for mixed-tray printing and complex parts. Eliminate unnecessary steps, and have a finished part in your hands in just hours. 

More realism.

With improved material options, the J4100 enables better part realism and functionality. The J4100 offers the flexible Agilus30™ family, rigid VeroPureWhite™, and transparent VeroUltra™Clear in addition to the rigid opaque Vero™ family and Digital ABS Plus™ available with the Objet1000Plus. And more material channels allow for even more complex parts that incorporate clear and opaque materials or overmolding. 

The J4100 - more efficiency.

Get the efficiency and versatility of a large build volume combined with updated technology and materials. The J4100 lets you bring one large part or many small parts to life with fine accuracy, multi-material capabilities and reduced post-processing – helping you save time and money by eliminating unnecessary operations.

The J4100 - More efficiency.