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Mid-volume production of industrial components

Service bureau InterPRO adds three new Origin One 3D printers to triple production capacity.

aaron pearson
Aaron Pearson February 09, 2021
February 09, 2021

Stratasys Ltd. announced today that InterPRO Additive Manufacturing Group, a service bureau offering an array of 3D printing services to companies with manufacturing challenges, has acquired three new Origin® One printers, tripling the number of parts the company can print. 

Stratasys acquired Origin in December to add a best-in-class 3D printing technology for production-oriented applications to its portfolio of polymer additive manufacturing solutions. Origin’s Programmable PhotoPolymerization technology addresses the fast-growing demand for mass production of 3D printed parts. 

Last year, InterPRO printed over 5,000 parts on a single Origin One system. With the three additional 3D printers in place, the company was able to print 2,000 parts in January 2021 alone. Ninety percent of these parts are end-use parts. In 2021, the company expects to print 40,000 parts across all four printers.


“Adding three more machines was an easy decision,” said Dan Straka, president of InterPRO. “Our clients are seeing real success from our service offering. Origin parts are a combination of cosmetically appealing parts with advanced material properties you don’t typically see in 3D-printed thermoset plastics. That’s a winning combination for our clients and their production needs in 2021.”

InterPro 3D Printed Parts on Origin One

InterPRO utilizes a number of materials from Stratasys’ material partners including high heat functional materials like Henkel’s IND403 and aerospace-grade material 3955. Customers choose Stratasys’ Origin One parts because part quality and cost are suitable for mid-volume production of industrial components.

Mid-volume production of industrial components

The Stratasys Origin One P3™ process precisely orchestrates light, temperature, and other conditions to create highly crosslinked thermoset parts.  Powered by engineered materials, the speed, consistency, and surface quality of the parts rival injection mold quality parts. With the Stratasys Origin One systems, InterPRO helps unlock new business opportunities by avoiding tooling costs, allowing for the creation of more complex parts, mass customization, and on-demand inventory.

“Components that are difficult to mold or machine are typically great candidates for Stratasys Origin One technology. At the start of Covid-19, many equipment manufacturers turned to 3D printing to solve supply problems,” said Chris Prucha, who heads the Origin team at Stratasys and co-founded Origin. “Post Covid-19, InterPRO expects the trend to continue as 3D Printing is increasingly seen as a suitable solution for many polymer components.”