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Antero 840CN03 FDM material: now on the Fortus 450mc.

September 17, 2020

Stratasys is excited to announce the launch of Antero 840CN03 on the Fortus 450mc. This FDM thermoplastic combines high-performance PEKK-based characteristics with consistent electrostatic-dissipative (ESD) properties. Antero 840CN03 debuted on the F900 printer and now gives Fortus 450mc operators the option to benefit from this high-performance material. It has a variety of excellent attributes including:

•Strong mechanical properties

•Electro-static dissipation

•High temperature resistance

•Chemical resistance

•Exceptional wear properties

•Ultra-low outgassing characteristics

•Flame, smoke and toxicity (FST) retardance

Orion hatch cover piece.
These qualities make Antero 840CN03 an ideal material for highly customized tooling and low-volume production parts needed to withstand extreme conditions, like the hatch covers on Lockheed Martin’s Orion spacecraft. Its primary advantages over other Stratasys high-performance materials – such as ULTEM 9085 resin, ULTEM 1010 resin and PPSF – are its ESD, high chemical resistance, and superior mechanical performance. Contact your local reseller or a Stratasys representative to learn more about adding Antero 840CN03 to the material lineup on your Fortus 450mc.