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Experience the Power of SAF™ PP with a Free Sample

Hold the future of 3D printing in your hands.

SAF™ PP sets a new standard for Polypropylene Powder Bed Fusion, offering unmatched flexibility, resilience, and cost-efficiency. Discover the exceptional quality and versatility of SAF PP with our sample Capability Part.

SAF™ PP Benefits:

  • Uniform Surface Finish: Ensuring exceptional aesthetics and tactile quality.
  • Dimensional Accuracy: Providing precise and consistent results, ideal for high-performance applications.
  • Cost Efficiency: Higher nesting densities and lowest pricing across our material portfolio enhance affordability.
  • Chemical Resistance: Withstanding exposure to harsh chemicals for long-lasting durability.
  • Water and Air Tightness: Offering excellent sealing properties for airtight and watertight applications.
  • Weldability: Unique among PBF materials, SAF PP can be seamlessly welded to other polypropylene components.

This sample showcases intricate geometries, fine detail resolution, and robust mechanical properties, highlighting the advanced capabilities of SAF™ PP. Whether you're in the automotive, orthotics, or consumer sports industries, SAF PP is designed to meet your production needs with superior performance.

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