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Elevate Your Insole Production with SAF™ Technology

Unlock a new era of efficiency and customization in orthotic manufacturing with our SAF™ (Selective Absorption Fusion) technology. By integrating 3D printing with materials like PA12, PP, and PA11, we offer a streamlined solution for creating custom insoles that meet diverse needs.

Key Advantages for Manufacturers:

  • Precision Customization: Deliver unmatched fit directly from digital scans, setting new standards in the orthotics market.
  • Material Variety: Choose from PA12 for durability, PA11 for sustainability, or PP for versatility, catering to every requirement.
  • Enhanced Production Throughput: With the Stratasys H350®, produce up to 35 pairs of orthotics in just 12 hours, drastically reducing production times.

Sustainability and Cost Efficiency:

  • Reduce Waste: Our process cuts material waste by up to 90% vs traditional machining. Moreover, with PA11 offering an eco-friendly option, 100% bio sourced, that maintains premium quality.
  • Cost-Effective: Achieve lower costs per part through scalable production, enhancing profitability while upholding exceptional quality.

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Elevate Your Insole Production with SAF™ Technology

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