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USA & Canada
Covestro Addigy Filaments sold to Stratasys.

Stratasys successfully closed the acquisition of Covestro Additive Materials.

Addigy® Filaments Remain Available

Effective April 3, 2023.

Covestro Additive Manufacturing Material Business Sold to Stratasys

Covestro sold their additive manufacturing business to Stratasys (including materials acquired from DSM in 2021). Effective April 3rd, 2023, all Addigy® filaments are owned by Stratasys, similar to all other former-Covestro 3D printing materials such as Somos® photopolymers and Addigy® powders.

The Addigy® filaments remain available for purchase at two external partners: Nexeo 3D and MCPP 3DP.

Somos® Photopolymers and Addigy® Powders Commercialized by Stratasys

More information can be found in the relevant materials catalog sections: Somos® photopolymers for stereolithography or DLP, and Addigy® powders for powder bed fusion SLS and HSS.

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