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Stratasys is Committed to Mindful Manufacturing™

Sustainability is about people. It’s about our role in helping and supporting them, so that tomorrow is a better version of today. 3D printing technology and solutions are uniquely positioned to impact global issues like the need for climate action through responsible consumption and production. Our ESG strategy calls for continuous improvement through education, industry innovation and the reduction of carbon footprints, while demonstrating care for our local communities through social impact and responsible operations and conduct.

We are proud to publish the first Stratasys ESG & Sustainability Report.

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Stratasys CEO, Dr. Yoav Zeif

A message from our CEO, 

Dr. Yoav Zeif

The new global economy requires companies to adapt and overcome unexpected challenges, while maintaining a commitment to environmental stewardship. Our Stratasys offering provide world. es production and manufacturing solutions that are resilient, empower local supply chains, and most importantly save lives. We empower people to create unlimited, for an economical, personalized and sustainable world.


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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Stratasys sustainability focuses on 4 UN SDGs, identified and supported by our employees and customers. They represent where our impact is most meaningful: education, production, consumption, innovative infrastructures and climate change.

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Mindful Manufacturing™

Meaningful long-term growth and success rests upon three pillars: Environmental action, Social impact and ethical Governance. We are committed to a standard of conduct that goes beyond compliance. 

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