UTC Aerospace Systems Improves Production with 3D Printing

The Aerostructures business of UTC Aerospace Systems builds a number of large and critical assemblies for many global leaders in commercial and military aircraft including the world’s two newest commercial twinjets, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A350 XWB. These assemblies include nacelles, thrust reversers and pylons.

Manufacturing aerospace structural components requires a wide range of complex machinery. Aerostructures operates a well-equipped machine shop and is responsible for producing parts needed to keep this machinery running at full efficiency and build tooling, jigs and fixtures to optimize productivity.

The new design 3D printed in ULTEM 1010 resin cost only $750 and was produced in one day.

The new design 3D printed in ULTEM™ 1010 resin resin cost only $750 and was produced in one day.

“The rugged factory environment often puts high demands on 3D printing materials and based on our experience, ULTEM™ 1010 resin is fully capable of meeting the challenge.”

Larry Crano, automation specialist, UTC Aerospace Systems

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