3D Printing Breaks the Mold

Once innovation within a business takes hold, a domino effect of change often ensues. When Promolding, a Dutch specialist in global design, engineering and manufacturing of high-tech plastic parts and components, ran up against customer requests for more complex products and faster turnaround, they realized the need to look outside traditional prototyping. Promolding specializes in creating high-tech plastic parts and components using high-performance polymer-based solutions for a range of market leaders, including Airbus and Heineken. Ensuring uncompromised quality and efficiency, especially in the early development stages, has been instrumental to the company’s success but customer needs weren’t static.

Promolding’s PRIM sensor housings

Promolding’s PRIM sensor housings.

“Traditionally, injection mold development takes six weeks, but by designing and 3D printing the molds in-house, we were able to produce complex versions in just three days.”

Jeroen Gross, Promolding