The Key To Customization

Orange County Choppers (OCC) builds custom and production motorcycles in Orange County, New York. Founded by Paul Teutul Sr., OCC was the topic of the Discovery Channel’s American Chopper, a reality TV show that most recently pitted father against son to see who could build the best custom bike. OCC is famous for building bikes around a theme, such as the Fire Bike, which commemorated the New York firefighters who died on Sept. 11, 2001, and includes a steel rivet from the World Trade Center.

Custom motorcycles, by their very nature, demand many intricate parts to carry the design theme forward. Most of these parts are produced in lots of just one for a unique bike. In the past, OCC primarily machined these parts from aluminum billets or high-density foam. This approach required considerable time for creating a computer numerical control (CNC) program, producing fixtures to hold the part, and machining the part, often on multiple machines. The labor involved added to both lead time and cost, and the parts could be heavy.


Rendering of dragon chopper as presented to client.

“I am continually amazed by the ability of additive manufacturing to transform my most complex designs into real life.”

Jason Pohl, Orange County Choppers