Minimizer's Tough Semi Fenders Benefit from Black ULTEM™ resin Prototypes

If necessity is the mother of invention, sometimes destruction is its father. This was the case with the tough-as-nails semi-truck fenders that Minimizer designs and manufactures in its Blooming Prairie, Minnesota, facility. The idea for these thick-gauge polyethylene fenders came from a pair of accidents: An errant forklift dented Dick Kruckeberg’s metal semi fender and, later, Dick’s wife flattened a plastic garbage can with her car. The metal fender was ruined; the garbage can popped right back into shape. Three generations of Kruckebergs have been designing and manufacturing flexible, durable, lightweight polyethylene fenders ever since.


Minimizer performed functional prototyping with this black FDM fender assembly.

“As trucks change, we need to change. People are always coming to us for new products.”

Craig Kruckeberg, Minimizer CEO

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