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See and feel your design in a whole new level of realism. Discover how you can make better design decisions by bringing your most creative ideas to life with 3D printing.

Design in real color.

Color your concepts accurately using the first 3D printers that integrate the PANTONE® color matching system. The J850 is PANTONE Validated™, with integrated GrabCAD Print software, allowing you to assign a PANTONE color to your prototype in one click. Accelerate workflow, test multiple colors, and achieve more realistic final prototypes. Design with confidence that your prototypes will have the real color you envisioned.

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"With traditional prototyping it would usually take days to match one, or a few colors for a prototype. Now, we've shortened it from days to hours"

Lior Elgali, Application Engineer, Stratasys

Freedom to perfect.

Making design decisions that will give you the edge over your competition is easier and faster than ever before. The J850 printer offers twice the material capacity, four times the number of jets, and twice the speed of most printers on the market. Research, test and present your idea multiple times in one product cycle, all with unmatched realism. With 3D printing, you can perfect a product that looks like the real thing, for ultimate customer buy-in and a better end product.

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Give your ideas the best chance of success with total creative freedom on the world’s most advanced 3D Printer. Full color, multi-material capabilities mean you can even print complex textures like fabric, leather, stone and wood. All in a single print. The creative possibilities are limitless, with variable levels of hardness, pin-point accuracy, and fine detail.

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