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Asia Pacific: a dynamic region for 3D printing.

Soaring potential of manufacturing applications and material advancement.

There is an interesting discussion happening currently in regard to the $3 billion global market of 3D printing. At this moment in time, North America and Europe lead the market with 60% of the market share, but there is a widespread belief that in the near future, the Asia Pacific region will surpass them, becoming the leader of the global market. This whitepaper will be covering the potential of this happening, as well as the potential applications and what affect that this happenstance would have on a larger scale.

Over the next eight pages, we will be covering the current state of the global market of 3D printing, the potential and realistic expectations for the Asia Pacific region to soon lead the global market, as well as logistics like complementary manufacturing solutions and the key goal of material advancement. The Asia Pacific region seems poised to lead this vast and progressive market, but it isn't a small feat for it to happen. It would take an enormous commitment to this technology, as well as the technology being universally understood to be a positive change for business. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

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