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GrabCAD Green Texture Blog
New FDM Visual Print Option Combines Aesthetics With Durability
junio 21, 2024

Our new FDM Visual Print Option combines aesthetics with durability. Get the best of both worlds – the strength of carbon-filled ABS & desirable surface finish.

Victrex am hvac duct Blog
Solve Challenging Printing Applications With the New PEEK-Based FDM Polymer
junio 05, 2024

The VICTREX AM™ 200 FDM thermoplastic opens the door to 3D printing for high-requirement applications. Learn more about the new PEEK-based FDM material.

FDM material Blog
Go Big and Bold With the F770’s New Color Options
mayo 14, 2024

With seven colors of ASA, there are more opportunities to leverage the spacious F770 for large-part applications. Get a closer look at our new color options

Engineer standing next to a Stratasys printer. Blog
5 Things to Know When Buying an FDM Printer
marzo 29, 2024

With a wealth of printer manufacturers and models to choose from, determining where to even start your purchasing journey of selecting the right Fused Deposition Modeling printer can be overwhelming. That’s why Stratasys put together this buying guide of 5 things to know and consider when researching FDM printers.

Great Western Railway Train on Tracks Case Study
New Life for Old Rolling Stock
febrero 20, 2024

Read our new case study to learn how GWR uses 3D printing to bring sustainability to the rails.

Engineer standing next to a Stratasys printer. Blog
9 Things To Know About Using Carbon Fiber in 3D Printing
enero 29, 2024

Learn about carbon fiber composite materials and how they manufacturers a step-change in performance over standard thermoplastics for more demanding 3D printing applications. Stratasys offers three composite FDM thermoplastics: ABS-CF10, Nylon CF10, and Nylon 12CF.

Christopher-Tool-Office Case Study
Accesorios de grabado láser: Christopher Tool
enero 08, 2024

Descubra cómo Christopher Tool cambió la producción de sus máquinas de marcado láser a impresión 3D y ahorró tiempo y dinero valiosos.

Coordinate-Measurement-Machine Blog
¿Qué es una fijación CMM?
enero 08, 2024

Obtenga más información sobre qué es una fijación CMM y por qué la impresión 3D es la opción correcta para producirlas.

OpenAM Blog
How open-source 3D printing unlocks new and beneficial opportunities.
noviembre 30, 2023

“Adapt or perish.” Those words might seem a bit harsh on the surface, but they highlight a truth that’s hard to deny. Businesses that don’t adjust to changes in the marketplace fall behind or disappear altogether. Stratasys is adapting, find out how.

F3300 Blog
Conozca el sistema FDM que puede duplicar su rendimiento y reducir sus costos.
noviembre 13, 2023

Considere los resultados que obtiene con sus capacidades actuales de manufactura aditiva. Ahora pregúntese lo siguiente: ¿Qué pasaría si pudiera imprimir el doble de rápido, duplicar su rendimiento y marcar una verdadera diferencia en las tareas pendientes de todos los días? ¿Cómo hacer que eso suceda? Conozca la F3300, la integrante más nueva del equipo de aditivos FDM.

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