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Unveiling Innovation: Technology for Superior Appliance Crafting At Scale Upcoming Webinar
Unveiling Innovation: Technology for Superior Appliance Crafting At Scale
julio 26, 2024

Discover the innovative new methods that Dobson Orthodontic Laboratory is using to produce a large volume of parts efficiently, without adding labor. Vice President James Dobson will unveil the new streamlined workflows that are allowing them to ramp up production of flawless appliances with guaranteed unparalleled consistency and fit for their customers while optimizing resources and maintaining a safer and healthier work environment.

LMT Preview Event
LMT Lab Day Chicago Dental Event
febrero 21, 2024

At LMT Lab Day Chicago, we're inviting you to stop by our booth and discover how you can level up your dental production with new technologies, applications and digital workflows. ​

Eliminating Variables On Demand
Eliminating Variables on digital workflows

Learn about different 3D printing technology and how it affects patient outcomes.

digital prosthodontics On Demand
Creating exceptional digital prosthodontics with advanced polymers

Discover digital polymers & PolyJet 3D printing in prosthodontics. Gain insights on characteristics, workflow, & shade selection. Earn 1 CE Credit. Reserve now!

Dental april webinar preview On Demand
Breaking through Bottlenecks: Enhancing Productivity and Profitability with Multi-Material 3D Printing in Dental Laboratories

Join us and learn how ADT has overcome the bottlenecks in their C&B and implant departments and increased productivity by utilizing multi-material printing.

mastering the challange dental On Demand
Mastering the Challenge of Digital Dentures, Multi-Material Printing and More

Optimize dental labs with 3D printing. Join our webinar on Digital Denture Workflow: from impression to precision appliances.

insights from truedent priview On Demand
Insights from TrueDent Experts How it really works

Join us for an exclusive webinar, where we delve into the real-world experiences of dental lab professionals in the realm of TrueDent denture technology.

Dental may webinar priview On Demand
Utilizing Monolithic, Full Color 3D Printing for Removable Prosthetics and Diagnostic Models

In our webinar, we will teach dental technicians & laboratory management how to maximize 3D printing to prepare removable prosthetics & diagnostic models.

Origin One webinar banner On Demand
Simplify Origin® One workflow with GrabCAD Print Support Generation

Simplify your workflow and reduce the number of software tools! Stratasys GrabCAD® Print software for Origin One now includes an easy-to-use build preparation solution with automatic and advanced manual support generation.

origin one dental webinar preview image On Demand
Origin One Dental: When Production Counts, Versatility Matters: CDT CE-certified

Hear from dental industry and additive manufacturing experts about the uses for the Stratasys Origin One Dental 3D Printer

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