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FDM material Blog
Go Big and Bold With the F770’s New Color Options
May 14, 2024

With seven colors of ASA, there are more opportunities to leverage the spacious F770 for large-part applications. Get a closer look at our new color options

Engineer standing next to a Stratasys printer. Blog
5 Things to Know When Buying an FDM Printer
March 29, 2024

With a wealth of printer manufacturers and models to choose from, determining where to even start your purchasing journey of selecting the right Fused Deposition Modeling printer can be overwhelming. That’s why Stratasys put together this buying guide of 5 things to know and consider when researching FDM printers.

Great Western Railway Train on Tracks Case Study
New Life for Old Rolling Stock
February 20, 2024

Read our new case study to learn how GWR uses 3D printing to bring sustainability to the rails.

Engineer standing next to a Stratasys printer. Blog
9 Things To Know About Using Carbon Fiber in 3D Printing
January 29, 2024

Learn about carbon fiber composite materials and how they manufacturers a step-change in performance over standard thermoplastics for more demanding 3D printing applications. Stratasys offers three composite FDM thermoplastics: ABS-CF10, Nylon CF10, and Nylon 12CF.

Christopher-Tool-Office Case Study
Acessórios para Gravação a Laser - Christopher Tool
January 08, 2024

Veja como a Christopher Tool mudou sua produção de acessórios de marcação a laser para impressão 3D e economizou tempo e dinheiro.

Coordinate-Measurement-Machine Blog
O que é um fixador MMC?
January 08, 2024

Saiba mais sobre o que é um fixador MMC e por que a impressão 3D é a escolha certa para produzi-los.

OpenAM Blog
How open-source 3D printing unlocks new and beneficial opportunities.
November 30, 2023

“Adapt or perish.” Those words might seem a bit harsh on the surface, but they highlight a truth that’s hard to deny. Businesses that don’t adjust to changes in the marketplace fall behind or disappear altogether. Stratasys is adapting, find out how.

F3300 Blog
Conheça o sistema FDM, que pode dobrar a sua produção e reduzir os custos.
November 13, 2023

Pense nos resultados que você adquire com seus recursos atuais de manufatura aditiva. Agora, reflita sobre este ponto: e se você pudesse imprimir duas vezes mais rápido, dobrar a sua produção e diminuir sua lista de pendências diárias? Como tornar isso uma realidade? Conheça a F3300, mais novo integrante da equipe FDM.

engineers standing next to FDM printers Blog
How To Save Energy When Using FDM Technology
October 09, 2023

Read our new blog to learn how to reduce the energy an FDM 3D printer expends.

3D Printed from Nylon-CF10 using Stratasys FDM Technology - 3D Printing Solutions. Blog
Why You Should Consider 3D Printing Soft Jaws Instead of Machining Them
June 20, 2023

Discover the advantages of 3D printing soft jaws over traditional machining methods. Explore how composite thermoplastics can replace metal, saving time and resources in CNC fixture-making.

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