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Solve Challenging Printing Applications With the New PEEK-Based FDM Polymer

Rob Levesque Senior Marketing Content Manager
Robert Levesque June 05, 2024
June 05, 2024

How often do you avoid using 3D printing because you don’t have a material that meets your application needs? FDM thermoplastics satisfy many application requirements, but there are circumstances, particularly in the aerospace and medical industries, that call for superhero-like material qualities. And it can be frustrating when you know additive manufacturing would be an optimal solution for that intricate geometry or low-volume production requirement. Yet, for lack of a material that can do the job, you’re forced to compromise in some way.

If this scenario sounds familiar, we think we have a solution. For these situations, a new FDM thermoplastic opens the door to 3D printing for high-requirement applications. This exciting development comes in the form of VICTREX AM™ 200, a new PEEK-based FDM material available on the Fortus 450mc and F900 3D printers.  

More specifically, VICTREX AM 200 is one type of polymer within the family of PAEK (polyaryletherketone) polymers, an umbrella classification that includes other semi-crystalline plastics like PEEK (polyetheretherketone) and PEKK (polyetherketoneketone). But unlike pure PEEK, which is difficult to 3D print and prone to poor interlayer strength and delamination, VICTREX AM 200, developed using Victrex LMPAEK™ technology, is engineered specifically for extrusion 3D printing. As a PEEK co-polymer, it provides the superior mechanical properties, thermal capabilities and chemical resistance of PEEK in a formulation that is easier to print using filament extrusion than other PAEK polymers can deliver.

VICTREX AM 200 is now available on the Fortus 450mc and F900 as a Stratasys Validated Material, a group of thermoplastics developed with companies like Victrex that specialize in polymer development. Validated Materials are created with industry partners specializing in material engineering, helping bring new FDM materials to market faster. 

Visit the VICTREX AM™ 200 web page to learn more about this unique high-performance thermoplastic, and open up new application possibilities in your additive operation.