FDM 3D Printed Inspection Fixtures


FDM inspection fixtures like CMM tooling and go-no-go gauges streamline the production process because they’re faster and less costly to produce than with traditional machining. This makes it easy to increase the number of inspection tools on the shop floor, enhancing the quality process.

Accelerate Production.

Make new fixtures in hours rather than days or weeks it takes to machine them. 3D printing lets you iterate quickly to optimize the design. FDM printers can build fixtures small and simple to large and complex using a broad range of versatile materials.

Optimize the Quality Process.

Eliminate dimensional errors that accumulate with multi-piece, built-up inspection tools. FDM fixtures can be printed as a single piece or in a few parts, ensuring greater accuracy.

Reduce the Cost.

Avoid the material and lead time cost of traditional machining. A better alternative is 3D printed inspection tools that can be created whenever they’re needed, for much lower cost.

Oreck Corporation experienced these results using FDM tools for first-article inspections:

Infographic inspection fixtures

Get a sample of our FDM Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber material.

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