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The Path to Tangible Innovation

Discover how you can empower student innovation, research and career-readiness with cutting-edge materials and technologies.

3D Printing for Labs and Classrooms

Access free materials, technical guides and lesson ideas. Give students hands-on 3D printing experience to prepare them for future tech-centric careers.

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Connect to Industry, Empower Learning

Hear how industry experts use 3D printing in on-demand webinars. Learn from additive users to make the most of 3D printing for your students.

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Stratasys helps prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s STEAM jobs. But don’t take our word for it. Watch the video and see the impact for yourself.

Inspire Students to Make a Better Future

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Education Innovation Series

Stay Up-to-date on 3D printing News in Education

Sign up for our monthly Education Innovation Series for trends, news, how-to guides and other resources to aid 3D printing in education. Stay updated on industry applications for additive manufacturing, and learn specific use cases from campuses and businesses around the globe.

Integrate 3D printing into your curriculum

Build critical thinking skills employers look for with 3D printing. The Stratasys curriculum combines in-depth lectures, discussions and hands-on projects to help you prepare students for the careers of tomorrow.

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Advance your application capabilities

Experiment with Stratasys PolyJet™ Research Package and extend your 3D printing capabilities with an advanced set of tools.

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Problem solving, critical thinking

Learning has fundamentally changed and 3D printing is playing an important role in the transformation. Read how challenging students with real-world problems positively impacts their contributions to the workforce of tomorrow.

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Stratasys Additive Manufacturing Certification Program

Be the difference between students getting a job, or not. Certify your students in the AM skills industry demands. Preparing the workforce of tomorrow with this hands-on certification gives them a step ahead of the rest.

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Introduce students to all the components that make up a high-performing factory floor.



Every researcher strives to advance their field of study. 3D printers are an exceptional tool to illustrate and model findings in vivid detail. With access to multi-material deposition, orientation and precise control of structural aesthetics, researchers can make ideas come to life.

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Colleges & Universities

Cutting-edge technology can attract the best students and staff in higher education. It provides students a path to gaining critical academic and STEAM skills through hands-on learning. Galvanize an entire campus, generate excitement, inspire collaboration and foster student entrepreneurship with hands-on experiences in professional 3D printing.

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Career and Technical Education

Experts predict a shortage of skilled workers could lead to millions of unfilled jobs. Globally, manufacturers are counting on career and technical schools to develop programs that attract talented students and prepare them to work in advanced technology sectors using knowledge far beyond what was required a generation ago.

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