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Global Leader in Aerospace for over 20 years.

Thousands of hours tested. Over twenty years of customer-led innovation. We work with leaders in aerospace, like you, revolutionising the manufacturing process, one 3D printed component after another. 

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A better way to work

Maximising Manufacturing efficiency

Better manufacturing starts with better tools. 3D printing lets you create the exact tool you need, every time. Tailored to each user. Suitable for high temperature environments. Improved ergonomic properties. All of this – all manufactured on-demand and ready when you are.

Producing a better future for Aerospace

3D printing is helping navigate the future of aerospace. Faster production. More durable parts. Smarter materials. Reduced costs. Together, we’re exploring new paths for the industry.

Helping to achieve your goals

Together we have solved the challenges that come from innovation. Working closely with partners like you, we’ve led the way to reducing lead times, cost, materials waste and improving efficiency. From more accurate prototypes to better tooling, 3D printing technology can help you to see rapid return on investment.


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3D Printing Begins to Take Off With United Launch Alliance

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Get Ideas Off the Ground Quickly

Rapid PrototypingInjection Moulding

ULTEM™ 9085 resinULTEM™ 1010 resinFDM Nylon 6FDM Nylon 12Digital ABSJ4100

Solve design challenges before you commit to expensive and time-consuming tooling and production. Manufacturing with 3D Printing enables faster iteration, decision making, and response to market changes.Fixtures and flight-worthy parts go from idea to production in a fraction of the time.

aerospace 3d printing production parts

Design for Lower Fuel Costs and Increased Payload

Production Parts

ULTEM™ 9085 resinULTEM™ 9085 CG resinULTEM™ 1010 resin

Fly with less weight, reduce complexity, or simplify production — if you can conceive it, our solutions help make it a reality. Enjoy freedom to produce complex geometries not possible with other manufacturing processes. Using certified materials also allows you to be secure that your produced designs are flightworthy and able to handle the rigors of real world application. Sign up for our Aerospace and Defence Innovation Series to stay informed on how additive manufacturing is shaping the industry through performance and manufacturing efficiencies.

aerospace 3d printing composite tooling

Streamline the Cost and Complexities of Production

Composite Tooling

ULTEM™ 9085 CG resinST-130

Improve production efficiency and flight performance while simplifying inventory with strong, lightweight composite parts. Also save time and find more ways to optimise by 3D printing your tooling for composite parts. For interior components, soften the impact of late design changes to keep production on track. 3D print flight-ready parts like housings and ductwork in-house with certified, traceable material.

aerospace 3d printing jigs and fixtures

Produce High-Mix, Low Volume Parts on the Fly

Jigs and Fixtures

ULTEM™ 9085 resinULTEM™ 1010 resinFDM Nylon 12FDM Nylon 6

Avoid high machining costs for custom tools or parts needed for individual repairs and restorations. Even jigs and fixtures can be built quickly and affordably. Greater complexity won't drive up costs. Use 3D printing solutions to easily build flight-worthy parts from durable thermoplastics.

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“[Stratasys technology] has saved [U.S. Department of Defence] over $3.8 million to date with an expected 10-to-15-year savings of over $15 million.”

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