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j850 3d printer front

J850™ TechStyle™

The J850™ TechStyle™ 3D printer is powered by 3DFashion™ technology and provides full-colour, multi-material capabilities for designs that can be printed direct to fabric, garments, footwear and luxury accessories delivering results that are not possible with traditional methods.
Ganit Kimono 3D printing direct to textile

Pushing boundaries for luxury fashion   

The J850 TechStyle 3D Printer by Stratasys allows you to print your designs directly onto textile and garments. Powered by our innovative  3DFashion™ technology, we are revolutionizing the high-end fashion industry by enabling 7 different materials to be printed directly onto fabric at the same time, in full color, with transparencies and detailed textures. With its combination of power, performance, and versatility, the J850 TechStyle 3D Printer is the perfect tool for anyone looking to push the boundaries of design and create truly remarkable, one-of-a-kind pieces. Imagine being able to create custom fabrics and prints, with intricate designs and delicate details that would be impossible to achieve through traditional manufacturing methods. With the J850 TechStyle 3D Printer, you can unleash your creativity and bring your visions to life in ways that were previously unimaginable. 


Compatible Materials

VeroEco™Flex PolyJet Material

VeroEco™Flex Family

VeroEco™Flex family of semi-flexible materials: Clear, Black, White, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and VeroEco™ ContactFlex. VeroEco Flex family of materials are in compliance with RSL (Restricted Substances List for Finished Products) industry standards. 

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VeroVivid PolyJet material

VeroUltra™ & VeroVivid™

VeroUltra™ & VeroVivid™ family of opaque and transparent materials + neutral shades and vibrant colors 

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Agilus30 colors

Agilus30™ Colors

Agilus30™ family of flexible materials: Clear, Black, White, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow 

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Create magic with colors and texture 

With the J850 TechStyle 3D Printer and its revolutionary 3DFashion™ technology, you can create magic with colors and texture on textiles like never before. This cutting-edge technology gives you a virtually limitless color palette, with over 600K colors and Pantone Validated™ pallets available in both matte and glossy finishes. The freedom for creativity is now at your fingertips, allowing you to create unique designs and optical illusions on textiles that can't be replicated using traditional methods. With the ability to print up to 7 different materials directly onto fabric at the same time, with varied transparency and textures, you can create one-of-a-kind pieces that truly stand out. Whether you're a designer looking to make a bold statement or a fashion brand seeking to set yourself apart, the J850 TechStyle 3D Printer offers unmatched versatility and creative potential. 


Save time with the right workflow 

What is the right fabric for your design? Every fabric responds differently, so choosing the right fabric for your design is essential. It’s all about the absorption. For optimal results, follow our experts’ best practices to minimize design iterations until you are ready for production. Once you have your preferred material, you can print on an effective print area of 460 mm x 360mm stretches on a fabric size that can span up to 2 meters wide. One of our exclusive features is an interchangeable tray that's easy to use, so that during a print you can prepare a second tray and be ready to quickly switch for faster production runs and minimum down time. The future of fashion is 3D printed fabrics which can be designed and customized to fit any need with Stratasys 3DFashion technology! 

Video credit: Isabel Zapardiez



J850™ TechStyle™

Product Specifications

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Care Instructions

Care instructions for handling and washing 3D printed textiles

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