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To be the best you need the best

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make a difference

Make the difference​

Whether it’s aesthetics for dentures, accuracy for implants, or production speed and cost for models, every application has something that makes the difference. With our breadth of technology, Stratasys is the only partner who can help you deliver the optimal solution for each dental application

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Achieve professional excellence

With ever-changing demands, it can be hard to stay at the forefront of digital dentistry. With our portfolio of proven, application-optimised technologies and ongoing innovations, you can confidently meet customers’ evolving needs today and tomorrow. 


Partner for smart growth

You’re fueled by urgency and so are we. With unrivaled uptime and priority service you can count on, Stratasys is the backbone of production—so you focus on streamlining operations, optimising resources, and growing your business. That’s a win-win. 

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Challenge: Scalable patient personalisation
Difference maker: TrueDent monolithic, high aesthetic dentures

Make the difference with high aesthetics, precision, and customization in a monolithic polychromatic denture. Expand your denture offering with TrueDent, our patented FDA-cleared (Class II) resin matching a varied patient demographic on​ one tray. 

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Challenge: Accuracy
Difference maker: Unparalleled geometrical accuracy printing different case parts in a single print. 

Simplify the complexity of implantology and maximise production. Print highly accurate opaque and rigid implant models, biocompatible and transparent surgical guides, and soft gingiva masks — all on one tray — in a single, unattended print job. 

Crown and Bridge

Crown and Bridge

Challenge: Accuracy and scalable manufacturing
Difference makers:

  •   Production printing of precise models in high-resolution
  •  Colour matching restorations with full colour models
  •   High fidelity polychromatic temporaries printed with TrueDent resin. 

Choose the production technology that suits your lab’s workflow: Print Crown and Bridge models in either quick small batches with P3 technology or larger batches with PolyJet. Both options provide increased capacity, improved efficiency and reduced cost per model. To improve colour matching restorations and reduce remakes implement PolyJet colour printing capabilities with Vero materials or select TrueDent resin to print temporaries in a variety of shades at the same time. 




Challenge: Volume manufacturing
Difference makers

  •  Fast print, small batch, flow production at an economic price point with the Origin One Dental.
  •  High speed manufacturing with the J5 DentaJet‘s large tray capacity for clear aligner moulds and orthodontic models. 

Leverage leading dental resins on the Origin One Dental and deliver cost-effective, high-quality applications with excellent surface finish including hard and soft clear splints. Use High-Quality High-Speed mode on the DentaJet printer with its large tray to produce high volume of aligner arches and orthodontic models unattended. Optimise resources by managing both printing technologies through the GrabCAD Print software platform. 

Smart production setup on a single platform

Streamline your 3D print workflow for all Stratasys printers with GrabCAD Print™ software platform and integrations to leading Dental CAD platforms such as 3Shape and ExoCAD. 

get started fast

Get started fast

Easy-to-use and minimal training is required to master the software.

manage the fleet

Manage the fleet

Organise 3D print jobs on all your Stratasys printers (PolyJet and P3™).

Analyze performance

Analyse performance

Monitor material usage and utilization of your printer with in-depth reports and dashboards.

Print from anywhere

Print from anywhere

Schedule and monitor prints remotely.

dental models on tray

Level Up Dental Production

Optimise your lab’s production capacity with Stratasys dental printers.

Talk to our Dental Experts

Find the best 3D printer for your dental application.

J3 DentaJet 3D Printer

J3 DentaJet

Tailored for small to medium-sized labs, the J3 DentaJet can produce mixed trays of three materials, including a large quantity of implant models, surgical guides, and gingiva masks, all on the same tray and with unmatched accuracy.

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J5 DentaJet 3D Printer

J5 DentaJet

J5 DentaJet™ is versatile and powerful dental 3D printer for medium to large dental labs. Designed to reduce costs, maximise efficiency, and create more dental parts with less handling — all with the precision, accuracy, and realism you can expect from Stratasys.

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Origin One Dental 3D Printer

Origin® One Dental

Scale your business and maximise production across a number of applications with materials from Industry leading partners. With user-friendly software that is simple to manage and learn, Origin One Dental streamlines your digital workflow and maximises throughput.

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Dental Technologies



Simultaneous printing of different dental applications from multiple materials. With this technology, users can produce a full tray of biocompatible dental parts such as models, surgical guides, and gingiva masks in a single print. Plus, the renowned colour capabilities provide users the ability to print realistic, full-colour, patient-specific models or TrueDent dentures.  


Programmable PhotoPolymerization P3™​

P3™ technology is an evolution of digital light processing (DLP) precisely orchestrates light, temperature, pull forces and pneumatics to optimise prints for the best possible results. With P3, dental labs can achieve injection moulding part quality and surface finish with incredible accuracy, in a diverse and continuously growing range of high-performance materials.

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Stratasys Dental - Your Partner for Smart Growth

The fast-changing dentistry landscape presents unique challenges that require you to continuously evolve your skill set. To be the best, you need the best.   Our long track record, proven technologies, and ongoing innovations bring the best of 3D printing to every dental application, disrupting how parts are made. We keep you at the forefront of digital dentistry, so you can stay at the top of your profession. Fuel smart growth with Stratasys Dental as a strategic partner. Streamline your workflow, optimise your resources as your business scales, and deliver the best solution for every application.

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Dental Priority

Customer care designed around you and your business. Dental Priority is our exclusive service program for Stratasys dental customers, designed to enable fast response and short resolution time to meet the demanding needs of your lab. The program includes geography-based, dedicated field technicians, expert phone support, and backup printing at the Stratasys facility to ensure on-time delivery to your customers.

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