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Packaging Prototypes PepsiCo

3D Printing Packaging Kit.

Accelerate your design process and time to market with hyper-realistic packaging prototypes using Stratasys PolyJet 3D printing technology. Produce complex, high transparency, full-colour 3D packaging with 2D graphics and labels in one print – using an all-digital workflow.


Packaging for Beverages.

Want to amaze your stakeholders by 3D printing prototypes with full colour, transparent, graphics and labels ready with hours just like PepsiCo did?


Packaging for Cosmetics.

PolyJet 3D prototyping is opening new possibilities for the cosmetics world. With Stratasys’ Packaging, there are no design limitations. Since we remove any and all constraints, you can truly differentiate your products by allowing them to take on any shape, colour and presentation for your audience with truly unique and innovative designs. Design First – Design for Manufacturing later.

Don’t waste precious time spray painting, using dry transfer, silk screen, or gluing labels. Don’t waste precious resources while attempting to communicate your design intent to traditional out-source firms. Do it all in house – and use your rendering models as the one source for design intent.

Creating design decisions that give you an edge over your competition is easier and faster with Packaging. Use multiple material options from rigid to flexible, opaque to transparent, with varying textures such as wood, marble or fabric to prototype your packaging like a pro.


Packaging for Consumer Goods.

Need to up your game with rapid, cost-saving and protective consumer product packaging prototypes? 3D packaging prototypes offer you professional, high grade results in less time to help you stand out in the crowd of consumer products and offer multiple creative possibilities with quick design iterations testing. Use our easy work process to achieve original designs while lowering costs and time to model.

Learn how to be a consumer brand standout

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“Packaging can’t just sit on the shelf. It doesn't just have to be noticed. It has to speak to that consumer in a very specific way."

3D Printers for Packaging