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3D Printing and CMF Design

CMF (colour material finish) design is the process of crafting the appearance of a product. Designers create products that are not only visually appealing but for a great user experience. 3D printing technology has made it possible to create CMF design models digitally and more CMF modelling iterations quickly and easily.

Dramatic Reductions with a Digital CMF Design Process

CMF (colour material finish) plays a significant role in the user experience as well as a product's overall impression to stakeholders during the product design process. Designers can expect drastic reductions in both modelling cost and time, as well as the ability to make more modelling iterations during the product design process, with a digital CMF modelling. 

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Faster and Cheaper Product Development

CMF industrial designers can also take advantage of the shorter design process and faster product time to market that digital CMF modelling provides. The use of 3D printing can further reduce costs and lead to even faster product development times.

Industrial Design Modelling in Hours not Weeks

CMF design is an iterative process, and by working quickly and efficiently, Designers can create high-quality products that meet the needs of consumers. By creating more CMF modelling iterations, with the ability to make changes quickly and easily, designers can make better design decisions and raise the design quality.

3d printed color wheels

3D Printed CMF Design Modelling - Save Time and Money

By implementing digital CMF modelling, designers can spare costly design mistakes and raise decision makers confidence, especially when the design is innovative and pushing boundaries. The end-to-end digital workflow of 3D printed modelling provides access to endless options and texture capabilities, without wasting time and effort searching and purchasing physical finishing materials.