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Investment Casting with 3D Printing

Investment casting is no longer limited to the constraints of traditional pattern-making techniques. With 3D printed stereolithography patterns, you can take your designs to the next level. Explore the endless possibilities of intricate and detailed patterns, all while streamlining your manufacturing processes and reducing production costs.


What is investment casting?

Investment casting has been a long-established method for producing metal parts with smooth surfaces and good dimensional tolerances.

But manufacturers are looking at the design freedom and cost savings of directly 3D printing master patterns for casting and are moving away from the traditional methods of creating investment casting patterns by CNC-machining molds and injecting wax. Stratasys offers stereolithography 3D printing as a low-cost, high-yield alternative to traditional investment casting processes.

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Advantages of 3D printing master patterns for investment casting 

● No high tooling costs

● High casting yield

● Faster production

● Dimensional accuracy and stability of parts

● Robust patterns that can be easily handled and shipped

● Ability to reiterate designs quickly and easily

● Designs that can be printed overnight compared to weeks with CNC machining tooling

Stratasys Stereolithography 3D printers are proven to build high-quality, accurate, and detailed parts with superior surface quality. Built by engineers for engineers, the Neo is ideal for investment casting.

Neo for investment casting

Somos® WaterShed AF Material

Somos® WaterShed AF (Antimony Free) material is a perfect match for investment casting patterns because it has been specially designed without antimony to address the sensitivities associated with casting certain specialty alloys and to create patterns that produce very little ash when burned out, meeting the requirements for investment casting patterns.

The result is accurate, geometrically complex investment casting patterns, with excellent surface finish and no detectable levels of antimony. These patterns can be used in the workflow traditionally used for investment casting metal parts.

Everything About Investment Casting

Welcome to Stratasys, the leading provider of innovative 3D printing solutions. We are proud to present our comprehensive guides for Investment Casting, designed and developed to help you harness the power of 3D printing to transform your production processes and drive innovation.


Mockup Webinar Investment Casting

Improving Investment Casting Processes with 3D Printed Stereolithography Patterns

Combining investment casting & 3D printing using stereolithography opens up new possibilities and advantages for manufacturers. Join us to learn more

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Mockup Webinar Investment Casting

Combining investment casting & 3D printing using stereolithography opens up new possibilities and advantages for manufacturers. Join us to learn more

Technology & Material For Investment Casting With 3D Printing

neo 450 3d printer

Neo Stereolithography 3D printer

Built by engineers for engineers.

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Somos watershed AF material

Somos® WaterShed AF Material

Print accurate, complex investment casting patterns with excellent surface finish.

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