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J5 MediJet Hospital-Friendly

Ariel Batito
Ariel Batito May 22, 2022
May 22, 2022

10 Reasons the J5 MediJet is the Most Hospital-Friendly 3D Print Solution. 

In an environment where healthcare is increasingly measured by quality outcomes, hospitals and academic medical centers need to be able to create anatomical models for training and education, presurgical planning, patient education, in a robust, yet affordable way.

That’s why we developed the J5 MediJet, which is in my view, the most hospital-friendly solution for medical modeling available today. I can say that with confidence because the engineering team at Stratasys developed the technology in lock step with clinicians and 3D clinical print labs to make the printer a widely-applicable solution for today’s needs.

What makes the J5 MediJet so hospital friendly? 

  1. Its biocompatible materials. Biocompatible Rigid Transparent (MED610), and Biocompatible Opaque (MED615RGD™ IV) print materials can be used to create patient-specific guides and tooling that can come into contact with the body.
  2. Its certified system. The printer is 510k cleared for clinical diagnostic use with leading segmentation software companies and is ISO 13485 certified.
  3. The ability to sterilize models. Hospitals can sterilize colorful models using steam, gamma, and EtO without sacrificing the accuracy, color, or mechanical properties of the model. The J5 MediJet is the only printer that enables full color model sterilization for reference during a procedure.
  4. Its broad applicability without changing materials. One setting covers 95% of anatomical modeling applications without having to change print materials. That’s a big deal.
  5. Its faster print time. Compared to other single-material printers, the J5 MediJet is designed to significantly speed up print time, and allows hospitals to create models urgently for emergency procedures.

  6. Its small footprint. With a small footprint, the printer is perfect for hospital lab space. And not only that, the printer is built to filter smell and cut down on noise so it’s never a nuisance.

  7. Its ease of use. The printer itself includes an easy-to-operate interface with a simple touchscreen.
  8. Its reliability and accuracy. ​Reliability and accuracy you can expect from Stratasys PolyJet technology.

  9. Its economical material options. Our new DraftWhite material, designed exclusively for the J5 MediJet, is an economical way to lower the cost-per-part and still reap the benefits of PolyJet 3D anatomical modeling.

  10. Its cleaning process. While other modeling methods require a significant amount of post-processing, models created with the J5 MediJet require little post-processing and cleaning time.

Learn more about the economical, compact, all-in-one medical modeling printer here.