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Date and Time: August 26, 2:00 PM CDT


  • Joseph Sliger, Wacom, Sr. Technical Solutions Architect
  • Fon Davis, Fonco, Founder and Creative Director
  • Peter Hyoguchi, Roninfilm, CEO
  • Colton Mehlhoff, Stratasys, Application Engineer


At this exciting event on Thursday, August 26 at 2:00 p.m. CST , we'll discuss: How the Wacom Cintiq Pro and the Stratasys J55 are helping Fonco redefine what’s possible with movie production How Fonco leverages the workflow to elevate its artists’ productivity, making them the go-to specialist for complex, niche special effects, How the pantone-accurate, full-colour models they produce on their J55 are enabling them to create the most ultra-realistic robots, creatures and weaponry from some of the most recognizable movies ever produced.