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Air Purifier Case Study
Solving Product Development Challenges with Multifaceted 3D Prototyping Technologies
April 10, 2024

Industrial Designer Ori Levin introduced a groundbreaking air purifier prototype. Learn how Stratasys 3D printing technologies made it possible.

Banner Origin One trytrec CS Case Study
Accuracy and Design Freedom Expedite Medical Devices Innovation
March 26, 2024

TryTec, a small medical device manufacturing company based in Japan, designed its first endoscopic device, Opyls, with Stratasys DLP technology. Read more

Presspart Production Case Study
H&T Presspart achieves injection-molding precision and quality for pharmaceutical components with P3™ DLP technology
February 01, 2024

Read how Stratasys P3 technology and materials helped H&T Presspart to achieve injection-molding precision and quality for pharmaceutical components.

3D composites standing next to Stratasys printer Case Study
SAF Technology Expands Frontiers for Fast Prototyping and Parts Production
November 29, 2023

Read our new case study to learn how 3D Composites is expanding into new markets thanks to SAF technology.

Microsoft Banner Case Study
Microsoft Engineers and Model-Makers Utilize PolyJet™ Technology to Redesign Surface Pro 9's Kickstand Hinge
October 24, 2023

Developing a new Surface Pro hinge is an especially complex prototyping challenge. Learn how Microsoft engineers & model-makers collaborated overcame that.

Kaust banner Case Study
Revolutionizing Race Car Aerodynamics with Supercomputing and 3D Printing
October 23, 2023

Supercomputing & 3D printing is revolutionizing the world of race car driving by capturing the intricacies of aerodynamics. Read how our printers helped

Rivelin Robotics header image hands holding plug Case Study
SAF Technology Increases Efficiency of Robotic Post-Processing Systems
July 20, 2023

Rivelin Robotics case study, a Stratasys customer specialized in metal additive manufacturing, solves a production challenge. The challenge? To produce geometrically complex electrical connectors at high volumes of output. Explore the case study, download it in PDF format, or even watch the customer success video to witness an innovative additive manufacturing solution involving robotics.

Microsoft Thumbnail Preview Image Case Study
How Stratasys PolyJet™ Technology Enabled Microsoft's "Fail Fast" Product Development Process
July 05, 2023

Learn how Stratasys PolyJet™ technology & J850 Prime enabled Microsoft's "Fail Fast" product development process & prototyping complex mechanical prototypes.

PJM model Case Study
Ogle Models Turns to Next-Gen Stereolithography 3D Printing to Unlock Creativity and Efficiency
April 18, 2023

Ogle chose our Neo printer to maintain its position at the forefront of innovation. Learn how it helped their ability to meet & exceed customer expectations.

PepsiCo Beverages North America 2-Liter Bottle Redesign Case Study
PepsiCo Beverages North America 2-Liter Bottle Redesign
February 07, 2023

Learn how PepsiCo redesigned their 2-liter bottle using the Stratasys J55 Prime 3D printer and how it sped up the design process.

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