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Go Big and Bold With the F770’s New Color Options

Rob Levesque Senior Marketing Content Manager
Robert Levesque May 14, 2024
May 14, 2024

Color is a communication tool, though we rarely think of it that way. Everything from art to traffic lights uses color to convey information, whether it’s an artistic expression or the signal to hit the gas and go. However you think about it, there’s no denying the importance of color in helping us categorize actions and items around us. And it’s a big reason why the F770 FDM printer now offers six new colors. 

On a practical level, color coding is used across industries to identify and communicate distinction. It could be product differentiation, safety classifications, or tooling differences, to name a few. Color communicates quickly and clearly in a process-driven manufacturing environment. So, it’s no surprise when customers make a strong plea for colored 3D printing materials since many use the technology instead of conventional manufacturing, including applications where color plays a role. 

For example, in the aerospace industry, equipment that needs to be removed before flight is colored red. Printing this equipment with red ASA avoids the painting step and gets parts in hand faster. Similarly, printing manufacturing tools in various colors provides an effective visual means of classification and organization and eliminates painting or other post-production marking. Colors like white, gray, and black are used in prototyping and various stages of engineering builds to communicate the final product vision quickly and clearly. 

With seven colors of ASA, there are more opportunities to leverage the spacious F770 for large-part applications. Whether it’s a prototype auto fender or a part for a large appliance concept, size plus color offers beneficial efficiencies for a busy production environment.   

Get a closer look by visiting the F770 web page, where you can download the product specification sheet and see how customers maximize its capabilities.