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J5MediJet Applicability

Ariel Batito
Ariel Batito mayo 19, 2022
mayo 19, 2022

J5 MediJet: Engineered For 95% of Hospital Medical Modeling Applications, Without a Material Change.  

One of the most pressing pain points for hospitals that have adopted 3D printing technology is the process for switching between materials in the printer. The most popular single-material printers require the lab technicians to switch out materials between each and every print, slowing down the print process, often wasting valuable material, and requiring a decent amount of manual labor.

That’s one of the many reasons why the team of engineers at Stratasys developed the J5 MediJet printer, which became commercially available in 2021. The J5 MediJet is thoughtfully designed with hospitals in mind—to serve as the medical printer for everything a hospital would need for anatomical modeling and surgical guides with affordable, multi-material capabilities.

In fact, on the J5 MediJet, one material set-up covers 95% of hospital modeling applications needs without having to change out materials. 

3D printing is an invaluable tool for hospitals around the world—to effectively plan and prepare for surgical cases with patient-specific models, to create individualized surgical guides and tooling, and as an alternative to cadaver and animal labs for training and education.

The most common setting for  the J5 MediJet  that offers multicolor, biocompatible, and transparent printing with one setting includes:

      Biocompatible Rigid Transparent (MED610) – Transparent, sterilizable, and biocompatible material medically approved for bodily contact, which can be mixed with other materials.

      DraftWhite™ (MED857) –  a rigid, white, and economical material, targeted to lower the cost per part for single-material and multi-materials applications. DraftWhite is a unique material on J5MediJet.

      Rigid Transparent: Vero™ Vivid family includes Magenta, Yellow and Cyan – Provides unique multicolor capabilities to produce sterilizable, smooth, accurate and realistic anatomical models.

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