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Latin-America (Español)

P3 Stretch IND475

Resilient, low shore hardness elastomer with good tear strength

P3 Stretch EOAT Grippers and Gasket
Single component industrial strength UV resin that cures to a soft (47A), elastomeric material. Ideal for requirements where resilience, snap back, and tear resistance is desired, such as lattice structures and functional prototyping. Suitable for applications such as air and dust gaskets, flexible seals and housing or cushioning pads.
Key Benefits
  • check 200% Elongation at Break
  • check Low Shore Value, 47A
  • check 55% Energy Return
  • check 13 kN/m tear strength
  • check Color: Black

Impresoras compatibles

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Una impresora 3D que permite la producción flexible de piezas de uso final en una amplia gama de materiales de alto rendimiento. Logre precisión, consistencia, detalle y rendimiento líderes en el sector con la tecnología de fotopolimerización programable P3™ . Prepárese para una nueva era de impresión 3D.

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