J8 SERIES 3D PRINTERS Challenge, meet versatility.

From ideation to creation, the J8 series helps you deliver better results in less time.

Get products to market faster, saving money and ensuring customer satisfaction. Increase expertise, make your business resilient and serve as many needs as possible with one powerful technology.

J850 Prime

Impacto comercial.

Explore more applications.

Imagine what your designers could do with a system that offers more material and software capabilities than any other 3D printer. Versatility in applications gives you the flexibility to print what your business demands.

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The evolution of a product:

Single Material
Concept Models

With DraftGrey™ material and Super High Speed mode, create fast and cost-effective concept models to help perfect form.


Explore form, fit and function with prototypes that perform like the real thing, with the ability to print accurate, flexible and multimaterial models.

Full CMF

Achieve design intent with VeroVivid™ materials that enable full color and a range of realistic surface textures, including leather, woodgrain and fabric.

High Fidelity

Create accurate models for user testing and design verification with transparent, flexible and full color materials.

Design applications.

Consumer Products

With thousands of unique shades, including PANTONE Validated colors and a full range of opacities, the only limit is what you can imagine. Create beautiful, full-color prototypes that communicate design intent and place them in the hands of stakeholders to speed through approvals.

Packaging Development

Flexible and transparent materials, plus full color and multimaterial capabilities, allow for truly accurate packaging prototypes. Incorporate complexities like cavities and thin walls, and create models with detailed, full-color graphics already applied, helping you streamline your workflow.

Consumer Electronics

Surface texture capabilities allow you to simulate almost any material, from woodgrain to leather to fabric – which means less reliance on outsourcing parts, less time post-processing, and more flexibility to perfect your product.

Medical Models

Full color capabilities and excellent resolution make PolyJet Technology an ideal choice for medical models, both for surgical preparation and student training. Bring anatomies to life with a range of colors and shore values, and show details like vein and artery locations within organs.

Engineering applications.

Automotive Parts

Take advantage of a range of shore values, realistic textures and durable, ABS-simulating materials to create accurate prototypes for user testing and fit verification.

Consumer Electronics

For customized lighting components and clear tubing, the J850 Pro offers transparent materials that simulate the optical qualities of PMMA. Multimaterial capabilities let you create overmolded parts in one print, making it fast and simple to get accurate product models.

Commercial Products

Move through concept verification quickly with ultra-fast prototyping and an easy 3D printing workflow. Create tear-resistant flexible parts at a range of shore values, for products that require soft-touch surfaces, sealing, bending or shock absorption.

Medical Devices

Create multimaterial medical prototypes that feature transparent components, fine details and accurate textures for ergonomic testing. High throughput and minimal post-processing means a faster product development process, helping you stay competitive.

J8 Series materials.


Available on J8 Prime printers, these rigid photopolymers enable nearly 2,000 Pantone colors.


Transparent material for prototypes of glass, clear polymers, or transparent packaging.


Photopolymer with superior tear-resistance, capable of withstanding repeated flexing and bending.


Rigid material with medium opacity and a smooth finish at a lower price point for early stage prints.

Digital ABS Plus

Tough, temperature-resistant material ideal for functional testing and demanding applications.

J8 Series materials. View All Materials

Rigid, flexible, transparent or opaque – our multi-material capacity means you can load up to seven materials at once. Expansive color and texture combinations remove the need for model painting, helping you create the most realistic models in the shortest time possible. In addition, our two support material options dissolve easily, giving you the freedom to print complex and delicate features, without the hassle of laborious post-processing.

Print in

Print in

When design decisions are color critical the J8 Series printers provide Pantone validation and make the Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors available in 3D printed form.

Color matching to Pantone colors is possible in a single click from the Stratasys GrabCAD Print software. By providing a quicker, more realistic expression of color in models and prototypes, organizations save hours over traditional paint matching or iterative color matching processes.

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Get the 3D printing versatility your in-house rapid prototyping shop needs. Support:


Realize a more efficient product development process, with support for every stage – from concepts to high-fidelity models.


Balance functional design needs with end-user impact, placing realistic models in stakeholders hands early and often.


Move quickly through product verification with a versatile rapid prototyping process that lets you test concepts for form, fit and function.


Visualize small structures with exact physical models, or bring anatomies to life for medical testing and surgical training.

J8 Series delivers:

8 material channels.
A full gamut of materials, from flexible to rigid, opaque to transparent, and everything in between – plus two support options.
High capacity, high-speed printing.
A variety of print modes, from super high speed settings to high quality printing.
Unrivaled accuracy.
Leveraging 192 nozzles per print head, for highly accurate exact-match parts and smooth surfaces.

Compare J8 Series models.

Max model size

490 x
390 x
200 mm
19.3 x
15.35 x
7.9 in

490 x
390 x
200 mm
19.3 x
15.35 x
7.9 in

255 x
252 x
200 mm
10 x
9.9 x
7.9 in


View All Materials

  • Vero™ family of opaque materials in black, white and gray
  • Agilus30™ flexible material
  • Transparent VeroClear™
  • VeroUltra™
  • VeroUltraClear™
  • Digital ABS Plus
  • Digital ABS2 Plus

  • Vero™ family of opaque materials (including neutral shades and vibrant VeroVivid™ colors)
  • Agilus30™ flexible material
  • Transparent VeroClear™
  • VeroUltra™
  • VeroUltraClear™

  • Vero™ family of opaque materials (including neutral shades and vibrant VeroVivid™ colors)
  • Agilus30™ flexible material
  • Transparent VeroClear™
  • VeroUltra™
  • VeroUltraClear™


(printed simultaneously)








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print software:


GrabCAD Print software provides a streamlined, user friendly workflow to help designers go from CAD model to 3D printed part in just a few clicks. GrabCAD Print enables color matching to swatches in the Pantone Matching System, improving accuracy and streamlining the color matching process. Create more accurate parts and make better design decisions with build preparation, and manage print queues from anywhere.

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