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Product Development Life Cycle
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Product Development Life Cycle Stage - Design

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Next-Generation Products

Design - With incredible advances in software and scanning tools, designing the products of the future has become increasingly manageable. Alongside software advancements has risen advanced manufacturing methods that help designers like you realize their design freedom. Unlimited by traditional design-for-manufacture rules, 3D printing enables designers and engineers to envision detailed, complex geometries for next-generation parts.

There’s no better way to validate your design than with rapid prototyping. Quickly prove out your concept, filtering through ideas and incorporating design changes rapidly. Engineers needing assistance in optimizing their design for additive manufacturing (AM) can collaborate with our Design Services team or read through our Design Guidelines for our range of AM technologies.

Our 3D printing services make rapid prototyping easy with fast turnaround times, a range of technologies and materials to choose from and advanced finishing services that give parts end-product aesthetics. Then, with a validated design in hand, you can begin the planning process.


Our Service for Designing

Design Services


Our experienced team of engineers offer a comprehensive suite of modeling and engineering solutions from small component changes to robust on-site consultation.

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Design Guidelines


Incorporate our recommended best practices for our 3D printing technologies to optimize your design for additive manufacturing.

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Rapid Prototyping


Iterate and improve designs faster than ever before with cost-effective, quick-turn 3D printed prototypes.

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