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Webinar Description

Kimya PC-FR is a polycarbonate filament developed by Kimya and optimised for use in Stratasys FDM® printers. This flame retardant 3D printing material meets the EN45545 standard and the R1-HL2 fire hazard scale of the European railway industry and is printed using soluble supports allowing for increased design freedom. 

With its flame-resistant properties, PC-FR is a great fit for both passenger and commercial rail applications. The applications range from small parts such as seat components to replacement parts and beyond. 


In this webinar, viewers can expect to:

1. Understand the Stratasys Validated Materials Program

2. Learn about the key benefits of Kimya PC-FR 

3. Understand key applications for this material (thanks to Alstom © parts)

4. Engage in live Q&A with Stratasys and Kimya


About our Material Partner Speaker:

Misha Nesartnam is Product Manager at Kimya, an Armor Group company. After 5 years in product development at Parrot and nearly 4 years at Bescent (Maison Berger Paris) in the robotics and consumer goods industry, Misha came to Kimya to take over the product management. She works with customers and company leadership to define the product direction.


About our Materials Appplication Engineer Rachael Wratkowski: 

Rachael Wratkowski is an Industrial Materials Applications Engineer on the products team at Stratasys. While studying mechanical engineering at the University of Minnesota, she became interested in additive manufacturing which led to starting her career at Stratasys. In her five years at Stratasys, she has explored options for post-processing FDM parts, supported material characterisation, authored specifications with the SAE AMS AM Non-Metallic committee, and is now supporting the launch of validated materials.