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Multi Material 3D Printing The Versatility That Powers Your Dental Lab

As a dental lab professional, you know the importance of versatility in your workflow. You need to be able to produce a wide range of products, from crowns and bridges to orthodontic models, surgical guides, gingiva masks and indirect bonding trays with your dental 3D printer. These products require varying materials and processes, though, and it’s difficult to keep up with the dental 3D printing technology required to meet your customer’s constantly changing needs.  

That's where multi-material 3D printing comes in. With a Stratasys multi-material 3D printer, you can produce dental models with multiple materials in a single build. Our dental 3D printers streamline your digital workflow and give you the flexibility to produce a wide range of applications with just one machine and a single print.  

In our new eBook, we explore how a multi-material 3D printer can help your dental lab:

  • Increase efficiency: Streamline workflows and optimize your resources to improve 3D printing for dental production.
  • Improve accuracy: 3D printers with multiple material capabilities allow you to produce complex geometries with precision and accuracy without complicating existing digital workflows.
  • Expand your capabilities: Consistently deliver the best solution to your customers and meet expectations without exception. 

Discover how multi-material 3D printing for dental with the DentaJet Series can enhance your productivity and efficiency. Download your copy of the eBook today.