J35 close up parts.

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aaron pearson
Aaron Pearson September 13, 2021
September 13, 2021

This week we are at RAPID + TCT - the number one Additive Manufacturing tradeshow. If you're attending, we invite you to drop by our booth (E8201) for a sneak peek at some of our newest PolyJet 3D printers that help designers and engineers bring new and better products to market faster and more efficiently.

The newly introduced J55 Prime 3D printer goes way beyond full-colour printing with the addition of an expanded material set. These new materials include glass and rubber-like textures, as well as high-impact materials, allowing designers and engineers to go wild and create full colour, highly functional and tactile 3D prototypes. Imagine a 3D printer that prints in full colour with tactile features like bumps and grooves to create the feeling of rough or smooth textures. All this is on top of the existing highly realistic visual models utilising multi materials that cater to design, functional and biocompatible prototyping.

J35 printer in office.

You will also find our J35 Pro 3D printer on display in our booth. Developed specifically for office environments, it is silent during operation and odourless, so no smells or headaches, not to mention that there's minimal maintenance involved since its rotating build tray makes for easy cleaning! The multi-material capabilities of the J35 Pro allow designers and engineers to incorporate the widest variety of grayscale colours and materials into a single print, while achieving complex shapes, intricate details, and delicate features. Engineers and designers can now quickly get to see what the product will look like at the pre-production stage. Come by and be one of the first to explore the new features for yourself.

We will also be showing our world-class industrial large-format stereolithography printer, the Neo®800. This state-of-the-art machine has been designed to build enterprise size prototypes, rapid tooling and master patterns. The reliable Neo800 builds high-quality parts with superior surface quality, accuracy and detail. Don’t take our word for it though. Come over and check out the cutting-edge engineering for yourself.

J35 application.
J35 printed parts.

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