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Latin-America (Español)
PolyJet Materials -3D Printing injection modelling
White Paper

A technical guide: 3D printing with Polyjet materials.

The ideal material for your application.

Think having the right 3D printer for your application is the answer to all your problems? Think again. A 3D printer is just a catalyst to create the prototypes you need. Without the proper material, it's impossible for your printer to produce the end result you're looking for. If you're looking for smooth, perfect, finished, flexible, colorful surfaces, there's only one material for you: PolyJet.

PolyJet material was created to fulfill your expectations, aligning perfectly with your design to create a finished product straight from the printer. With multi-color options, consistency from rubber-like to rigid, and perfect, smooth surfaces; when you need a finished product without the long wait of tooling or molding, PolyJet additive manufacturing with PolyJet material is the solution.

In the next thirteen pages, you'll learn all about the versatile and flexible material that has provided a solution for so many companies across so many industries. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

Download the whitepaper