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Latin-America (Español)

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in house or outsource

It's really easy to outsource work. If you need prototypes, reach out to an additive manufacturing printing company, if you need tools, reach out to a tooling company. But the time and cost that goes along with that convenience might make it not convenient at all. At that point, waiting for days or weeks for your prototypes to get back to you, a better option would be to get your own printer and make your own prototypes in-house, where they can go from design to in your hands in a matter of hours.

The upfront cost of a 3D printer and materials can be scary and off-putting, but if prototyping is something you do on a daily basis in your company, the pay-off point will come a lot faster than you'd think. In this whitepaper, we will be discussing six major advantages owning a 3D printer in-house will give your company. In the next eight pages, we will cover the benefits of lower costs, accelerated time-to-market, frequent prototyping competitive advantage, fewer manufacturing errors, greater confidentiality, and improved model accuracy and quality. Download the whitepaper to learn more.