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Accuracy Myth

The accuracy myth.

If something is printed in high resolution, it has to be accurate, right? Wrong. As additive manufacturing is being utilized more and more in production and functionality across industries, repeatability and dimensional accuracy are becoming imperative to ensure functioning processes. It is extremely important in additive manufacturing to set tolerances that a 3D printer will comply with on a consistent basis, proving the repeatability and productivity of 3D printing in industrial processes.

Over the next nine pages, we will be discussing the factors that make a 3D printer good for business practices and how you can decide on a printer that will fulfill your business's needs. We will cover the accuracy myth, resolution's role, the growing need for accuracy, repeatability, long-term stability, and how this all fits into the business practices of the future. Don't make the mistake of confusing high resolution with accuracy. Download this whitepaper to learn more.