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Experience the Latest GrabCAD Software Innovations at Formnext 2023

Rob Levesque Senior Marketing Content Manager
Robert Levesque November 03, 2023
November 03, 2023

Formnext is the premier event for all things additive manufacturing and is the place to be to connect with the latest in additive technology and the people who make it happen. Stratasys will be there to show you some exciting new additions to our technology, including some innovative enhancements to our software.

The Power of the GrabCAD® Software Ecosystem
Stratasys software is the key to unlocking the true potential of 3D printing, and is the driving force behind creating high-quality industrial 3D printed parts. Stratasys software makes the print process more accessible, the workflow faster, and integration with manufacturing information systems more seamless.

Within the software ecosystem you’ll find a variety of tools and solutions. Each is designed to solve specific problems while making the end-to-end additive manufacturing process simpler and more streamlined.

Let’s take a closer look at these specific software solutions:

GrabCAD® Print
GrabCAD Print is the foundation of our software suite, and makes the process of going from a computer model to a physical part intuitive and simple. Supporting FDM, PolyJet, SAF and P3 technologies, this free software removes the friction of file conversions that used to be necessary for the printer to interpret and build your model. With GrabCAD Print you simply import your CAD model, adjust print parameters as required, and print.

GrabCAD® Print Pro™
This subscription-based software takes GrabCAD Print to the next level with additional features that increase part accuracy and boost yield. It starts with the Accuracy Center function, enabling automatic post-3D scan warpage corrections. Per-part print time estimation lets you see the time-to-print on each part in a batch, rather than the time to print the entire job. Partner plug-ins such as CASTOR, Cognitive Design Systems and AlphaSTAR integrate capable business optimization and simulation tools.

GrabCAD Shop
Keeping order within a busy 3D printing operation isn’t easy to do but that’s what GrabCAD Shop is designed for. Instead of managing print jobs through email or spreadsheets, GrabCAD Shop becomes the place to consolidate the important but usually scattered information that goes with each print order. Take control of 3D print production queues, print status, work order requirements and cost estimates with GrabCAD Shop.

OpenAM software does just that – it “opens” the 3D printer to allow more fine grained control of the print process. It lets you change and tune print parameters to alter material characteristics and a printed part’s properties. Currently available on the Fortus 450mc, OpenAM unlocks a world of possibilities for material customization to accommodate new use cases and potentially capture new business opportunities through applications that wouldn’t be possible without OpenAM. 

GrabCAD Software Partner Program
The GrabCAD Ecosystem includes our Software Partner Program, which allows third party software specialists to integrate their solutions into your Stratasys hardware and software tools. These best-in-class partners like Materialise CO-AM, Vistory, and AMFG, among others, provide you with specialized capabilities like FEA simulation, workflow automation encryption, and additive MES solutions. 

ProtectAM is the Stratasys solution that provides data security for customers that require additional additive manufacturing information safeguards beyond standard Stratasys system security protocols. Designed specifically for U.S. Department of Defense agencies to comply with Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG), ProtectAM uses Red Hat® Enterprise Linux™ technology to deliver continuous information processing security. 

We know it’s the quality of your 3D printed parts that matters most. Software plays a big role in achieving that end, and Stratasys software solutions make it happen. If you attend Formnext 2023, stop by our booth to learn how Stratasys software can simplify your additive operations. 

Join us at @Formnext in Frankfurt from November 7-10 to learn more about this new functionality. Visit our booth 12.1, D121 -- Where ideas take shape! 

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