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Somos NeXt valve side

Somos® NeXt™

The look, feel and performance of a thermoplastic,
Somos NeXt provides the accuracy of stereolithography with the look, feel and performance of a thermoplastic. Somos NeXt is nearly indistinguishable from finished traditional thermoplastics, with the toughness, durability and accuracy not traditionally seen in stereolithography resins. 3D printing functional testing applications and prototypes with this unique material can save significant amounts of time, money and materials.

This extremely durable stereolithography resin produces very accurate parts with high feature detail. Based on the Somos® DMX SL™ technology, Somos NeXt is the next generation of material that facilitates the production of tough, complex parts with improved moisture resistance and greater thermal properties.
Key Features
  • check Superior strength and durability
  • check Exceptionally versatile
  • check Thermoplastic-like performance, look and feel



Jigs & fixtures

Consumer products

Sports & Lifestyle

Tough, functional end-use prototypes

Compatible Printer

Neo series 3d printers

Neo Series

This is also compatible with Large-frame, 355 nm, laser-based open stereolithography printers.

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Somos® NeXt™ Datasheet


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