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Origin One Dental

Hear from dental industry and additive manufacturing experts about the uses for the Stratasys Origin One Dental 3D Printer. This CDT, CE-certified webinar, led by team members from Stratasys partner GoEngineer, focuses on how the high-volume throughput and material versatility of the Origin One Dental can improve the efficiency and profitability of dental labs.

The team spoke with Ira Rosenau about Keystone’s partnership with Stratasys, including the new Origin One Dental Validated Keystone dental resin materials. Tra Chambers, Owner of Express Dental Labs, also joined the webinar to discuss the lab’s firsthand use with multiple Origin One Materials.

Watch the webinar recording to learn more about the Origin One Dental, our manufacturing-grade 3D printer that provides an industrial production solution powered by cutting-edge P3 technology.


  • Aaron Roux, Dental Team Lead at GoEngineer
  • Richard Cromwell, Additive Manufacturing Applications Engineer at GoEngineer
  • Raayed Maqsood, Additive Manufacturing Accounts Manager, Canada at GoEngineer
  • Tra Chambers, Owner of Express Dental Laboratory
  • Ira Rosenau, President of Keystone Industries