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Shaping Tomorrow: The Edge of Automotive Innovation

Duration 30 minutes

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Shapping Tomorrow Pragmatic Innvovator

Welcome to 'The Pragmatic Innovators' Podcast

Join us for an engaging episode featuring Luke MacInnes from Roush Performance, a key figure in the automotive industry. Dive into a conversation about how additive manufacturing is transforming vehicle customization and introducing exciting new trends in automotive design.

Luke will also offer his unique insights into the future of automotive technology, drawing from his extensive experience in the field. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable perspectives on the innovations driving the automotive world forward.

Meet Our Experts: Host and Guest Speaker:
Luke MacInnes
Luke MacInnes
Product Engineering & Development Roush Performance

Luke is a seasoned professional, with over two decades of experience in the automotive industry. Luke has made significant contributions to Powertrain Development, supporting OE vehicle programs, and various aftermarket product innovations, showcasing his expertise in enhancing vehicle performance and aesthetics.

Justin Cunningham
Justin Cunningham
Marketing Manager EMEA, Stratasys

Justin is renowned at Stratasys for his contributions to the 3D printing industry, combines strategic marketing skills with technical expertise, creating a captivating and engaging presence for our audience.