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Elevate your design freedom and flexibility with the new Stratasys FabriX Innovation Kit for the J850 Prime 3D Printer

Amenda Peled
Amanda Peled giugno 23, 2022
giugno 23, 2022

Stratasys has introduced a new solution for 3D printing on fabric and flexible substrates - the FabriX™ Innovation Kit. This kit is an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and repeatable solution for 3D printing on fabric and flexible substrates and is available for new and current Stratasys™ J850™ 3D printer customers.

This new extension kit is especially important for designers and researchers who are looking to print on fabric for prototyping purposes, to create never-seen-before 3D designs. The FabriX innovation extension kit includes hardware, software and materials.


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“The Fabrix Innovation kit allows new and existing J850 Prime users to take their designs and prototypes to a level that has not been previously possible,” says Shamir Shoham, Vice President of Design for Stratasys. “This extension kit is purposely created to allow users to continue to print high color, life-like prototypes, while also extending their ability to print on fabrics.”

3D printing on fabric allows for creative design prototypes and FabriX is the ideal tool kit for designers at R&D and innovation centers across the education, consumer goods, embedded electronics and the concept car and automotive industries.

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The FabriX innovation kit transforms the J850 Prime into an end-to-end hybrid system that extends the printers 3D printing capabilities to include 3D printing on flexible, flat substrates, such as fabric, carbon fiber, flexible polymers, mylar, netting, canvas and beyond. The ultimate solution for design and concept 3D printing with a simple workflow that is easily implemented using Stratasys GrabCAD™ Print software. The FabriX Innovation kit includes, a fabric mounting jig (0.2-2.5mm thickness), automatic fabric thickness calibration tool, software that includes a fabric analyzer wizard, flexible material printing on fabric and netting settings, and UV light illumination control during print process. 

Customers interested in purchasing the FabriX Innovation Kit can click here to learn more or contact their Stratasys sales representative.