Somos® Taurus

High heat and toughness, thermoplastic-like performance.

Somos® Taurus
Somos® Taurus delivers excellent surface quality and reduces job times for highly detailed parts and isotropic mechanical properties. Somos® Taurus provides the thermal and mechanical performance that once required thermoplastic 3D printing techniques. The material’s higher heat deflection temperature increases its possible applications. The material’s darker color gives parts an added richness that minimizes part finishing and painting, making it a great choice for the automotive and aerospace industries.
Key Features
  • check.svg Superior strength and durability
  • check.svg Wide range of applications
  • check.svg Excellent surface and large part accuracy
  • check.svg Heat tolerance up to 90°C
  • check.svg Thermoplastic-like performance, look and feel

Imprimantes compatibles

Neo Series.png

Gamme Néo

La gamme d'imprimantes 3D Neo, fiable et éprouvée, permet de fabriquer des pièces de qualité élevée avec une qualité de surface, une précision et des détails optimaux.

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