Social Impact

At Stratasys we are committed to leveraging the value of 3D Printing to the benefit of our local communities through meaningful partnerships and personal employee contributions via our global volunteer network.

Presentation about Stratasys inside a classroom

Stratasys in the Community

We are committed to creating a future where generations to come can thrive. Stratasys is dedicated to promoting education and healthcare, making 3D Printing accessible to all. Our community outreach is based on our values and our UN Sustainable Development Goals. Stratasys is active in schools around the world, and in Academic Institutions, so that the workforce of tomorrow is exposed to "learning by making', today. Stratasys also has long-standing partnerships that bring its technologies to patients with solutions otherwise not possible, improving their quality of life.

Community Volunteer Programs

People gathering inside a classroom in Jerusalem

“Learning by Making” Initiative - Revadim

 It's innovative and fun, while bridging socio-economical gaps. It’s a great opportunity for advancement.Across the diverse school system in Jerusalem (state-secular, state-religious, independent-religious and Arab), Stratasys deployed a successful 2 year, one-of-a-kind program, empowering teachers, students and technicians to adopt 3D Printing for STEAM learning. Knowledge retention and engagement is known to be higher when actively 'making' projects that reflect the pedagogical content. It's innovative and fun, while bridging socio-economical gaps. It’s a great opportunity for advancement.

People gathering in an annual Makers for Heroes volunteer program

Makers for Heroes

For over five years, we partner with the Restart organisation, taking part in an annual Makers for Heroes' volunteer program. Together, we develop creative products to serve wounded soldiers and veterans that help them overcome daily challenges and improve their quality of life. Each year we are introduced to a solider, presented with their personal challenge, and a team of employee volunteers takes part in a "make-a-thon" event to come up with a solution via our cutting-edge 3D printing technologies.

People gathering in robotics competitions

First Robotics & “High Tech Kids”

We support activity, providing kids with hands-on science, engineering and technology programs that are both educational and fun. “High Tech Kids” organises robotics competitions across Minnesota as an affiliate partner of FIRST. These programs boost interest in STEM and 3D Printing at an early age, and familiarize kids with Stratasys’ technology.


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