How to: Reduce packaging bottlenecks with 3d printing


An Age-Old Problem Requires a Modern-Day Solution

Visual First, founded in 2006 by Carl van de Rijzen, provides visual communication tools using 3D printing and 3D visualization. Visual First uses 3D printing to help clients conceptualize their work and overcome design challenges before committing to costly tooling and production.

The Chocolate Factory, a Dutch candy maker since 1912, produces multiple chocolate products including the Dutch favorite Johnny Doodle. Faced with costly packaging bottlenecks due to lengthy lead times waiting for replacement parts, The Chocolate Factory needed a better solution.


3D printed replacement machinery parts manufactured in under a week using FDM, compared to over a month using traditional methods.

“With our Stratasys J750, we 3D printed the entire working prototype in one go with all the color specifications our customers required, while reducing the production time by 40%.”

Nacho Sandoval, AIJU