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advancing healthcare

Advancing health care with 3D printing.

3D printing has had an incredible impact on industry, from manufacturing to automotive, it has improved the way companies work, saving them time and money. There is one industry that 3D printing has had a profound impact on that is actually saving lives; the medical industry. The medical industry has benefited from 3D printing by way of improved economics and better clinical outcomes for patients. 3D printing has the ability to improve medical device and surgical planning model prototyping, making it easier and faster to create devices customized for each individual patient, making patient care safer.

Over the next thirty-five pages, we will be discussing advancing health care with 3D printing. We will cover the basics of 3D printing, 3D printing applications in the medical community, FDM materials, PolyJet materials, and the impact 3D printing will have on the medical industry in the future. Of all the industries 3D printing has had an effect on, the medical field is especially important because it has and will continue to literally save human lives. Learn more by downloading the whitepaper.