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Why Victrex AM200 is a Great Fit for Aerospace Applications

Victrex AM200 is a PEEK-based filament produced using Victrex’s LM PAEK polymer technology. Victrex’s AM200 formulation has been developed and optimized for use in FDM® printing technology through reduced processing temperatures, which allows for greater control over crystallinity rates resulting in stronger, more isotropic parts than other PEEK alternatives.

Victrex AM200 is the first high temperature 3D printing material available in Stratasys’ material ecosystem with soluble supports, which allows for greater design freedom. This material also boasts substantial impact resistance and can be used in higher temperature and chemically aggressive environments.

PEEK’s inherent thermal stability, chemical resistance, and strength make it an excellent choice for use in high demand applications, such as the aerospace industry.

In this webinar, viewers can expect to:

1. Understand the Stratasys Validated Materials Program

2. Learn about the key benefits of Victrex AM200

3. Understand key applications for this material

4. Engage in live Q&A with Stratasys and Victrex

About our Speakers for this Webinar

Robert McKay has led New Business Development for Additive Manufacturing at Victrex for the past six years. Robert has over 25 years of experience in innovation, marketing, product development and corporate sustainability leadership acquired at Victrex, SABIC, and GE Plastics. He has degrees in mechanical engineering, finance, and management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Boston College.

Rachael Wratkowski
Rachael Wratkowski
Industrial Materials Applications Engineer, Stratasys

Rachael Wratkowski is an Industrial Materials Applications Engineer on the products team at Stratasys. While studying mechanical engineering at the University of Minnesota, she became interested in additive manufacturing which led to starting her career at Stratasys. In her five years at Stratasys, she has explored options for post-processing FDM parts, supported material characterization, authored specifications with the SAE AMS AM Non-Metallic committee, and is now supporting the launch of validated materials.